Introduction : The RFU have introduced a new, streamlined and more user-friendly Personal Profile for all individual users in the Game Management System
(GMS). This guide will cover how to login to the GMS, how to view your personal profile, and how to purchase your membership for Abbey RFC.

1) Login
Google Chrome is the recommended browser to access GMS. To login to the

RFU’s Game Management System (GMS), click on this link.

On the login screen enter your username & password.

As a past member you have already been allocated a login Username and a password. You have been sent a separate email directly from the GMS which has your username at the bottom of the page – please check your email junkbox or contact your age group manager for your GMS username. If you do not remember your password, please select the forgot password button on the login screen – a reset password link will be emailed to you from the GMS (Check junk box if not received in your inbox).

Only if you are new member of Abbey RFC will you need to create an account. To create a new account enter the GMS login screen via this link and select create an account and follow the on screen instructions.

2) Check your personal profile
Once you have logged into your account, please check your personal & contact details on your personal profile. If you need to edit any details, please click on edit button and update your record accordingly. Parents/Guardians MUST have a recorded Date of Birth to allow you to buy a membership,

For Help: account-personal-profile-details 

Please ensure that ALL of your (playing) children are LINKED to your parent record and they are registered as active players at Abbey RFC.
If not, please follow: child-registration-process

3) How to buy membership
On the first screen you will see a list of “My Organisations” which you are linked to, click on Abbey RFC

Click on the ‘Buy Membership’ button to renew or purchase your membership. You will now be given a range of membership schemes to choose from.

For Family Membership – including all junior players.
Family membership is £170 pa and can be purchased for up to 2 adults, and 4

playing children (Non playing siblings do not need to have their own membership)

Please select relevant adult name from the “Select person” section, click on the add to basket next to the “Family M&J” Membership Scheme. If a second adult is to be added, select their name from the “Select person” section and again select add to basket against the “Family M&J” Membership Scheme.

Next, select the junior players name from the “Select person” section and add “Family M&J” Membership Scheme to the basket – this will amalgamate the memberships and the total value will show as £170.00. If you wish to add any further junior players, select them from the “Select person” section but this time select “Family Membership – additional child” add to basket. Once you have selected all the membership/s you require select “View Basket”.

(Please note that if you a Senior Player at the Club, you need to select the “Senior Player + Family Membership” option)

For Individual Youth Players, please select “Youth – Player” Membership @ £125.00 and follow same process to checkout as below.

For Parents of an Individual Player, please select “Social Member” @ £15.00.

Basket & Checkout

A summary of the items added to your basket will now appear – if showing correctly, select “Checkout”.

Select the payment in full option and your chosen payment method (D Debit or Card) Select pay now and enter your payment details.

You will be presented with a payment complete message once it has been processed - Thank you your membership has now be completed.

5) If you are wanting to add a new player to the club
using the same instructions used to login for membership (Item 1 above).

- Login to your GMS account

Showing on your Personal Profile Dashboard there should be a notification in the Green box to action a Player Registration for your child. If your child is not showing on your dashboard, please contact Ian McGowan

Simply click on the “Player Registration” link in the dashboard for the ‘Register at a new club’ for your child and complete the Player Registration Form, then
click SAVE. You will then receive an automated email and your club will need to approve the player registration and once they do, then your child will be an active registered player and ready to play rugby.

6) The RFU have produced guides & videos for further guidance. Please press “ctrl & click” on the relevant link below:-

I have a problem with logging in or my password password-problem-logging-in

How do I create an account at a club I have not previously been a member of? account

What is my personal profile? profile-

How do I update my personal profile? personal-profile-details

I need to link my children to my record? against-a-child-record-that-has-an-active-registration-

As a Parent/Guardian, How do I renew an existing junior players registration? registration-process