Fri 19 Jun 2020 19:20

Reading Abbey RFC 200 Club

May 19 Pete Pawlett £50
June 19 Charlie Andrew £500
July 19 James & Hester Robinson £50
August 19 Alice Knights £50
September 19 Steve Pawlett £50
October 19 Dave Robinson £50
November 19 Jeremy Knights £50
December 19 Jeremy Knights £1000
January 20 Barbara Pawlett £50
Feburary 20 Bev Saunders £50
March 20 Mike Mellor £50
April 20 Richard Stokes £50
May 20 Alice Knights £50
June 20 Treacle Knights £50

This season we are continuing a push to bring the numbers of the Club back up to 200. Additional draws will be held as numbers increase, so the sooner you sign up, the more chance you have of winning. Once signed up, all members will be entered into all draws.

Who Can Play?                                                                               

The 200 club is a monthly event organized, for members only, by Abbey rugby club.  All lotteries have certain requirements: you have to pay to enter, there is always at least one prize and prizes are awarded purely on chance.

How Much Will it Cost? 

Members of the 200 club pay a monthly subscription (by standing order) for a unique numbered ball which is entered into the monthly draw. You will pay £5 a month so £60 a number per year.  If you prefer you can pay annually in advance and there is no limit to how many balls you can have.

How much can I win 

Every month the winner gets £50 and there are bonus months where additional draws will pay out £500 in the summer and £1000 at the December Christmas lunch

How do I join?

Please print off and send completed form to the 200 Club Owner. 

All winners will be notified within a day or 2 of draw, either by phone or email. Payment of winnings will be made within 7 days of draw. All winners will also be displayed on club website


Get your form here!: